Sleeping rooms  

Through a long work and thanks to professional help, our old farm was turned into a hamlet Attention for details and simplicity have been our key words, for both the outside and the inside. Father, mother and daughter: everyone of us has taken care of one of the furnishing aspects.

Father Eros was determined to make the beds out of beaten iron, with his own hands, using rudimentary equipment or straight creating it to the occasion. The first experiments were successful and he has therefore continued working the iron and producing curtain-bars, bedside-tables, handrails for inside and outside.

Mother Nella, who loves embroidering and crotching, enjoyed creating the whole tapestry personalized and combined in every room.

The daughter Michela rummaging through her grandmother’s attic has found old furniture to repair and little by little has restored it to its past beauty.

And so, one after the other, the rooms were furnished, each one different from the other...
with its own particularity and characteristic.